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Nich Witham
Hollywood, United States

Nich Witham comes from a lengthy stage acting background sprinkled with directing and stage management credits. Memorable performance credits include "An Infinite Ache" by Davide Schulner at The Public Theatre San Antonio, Eugene Jerome in both "Brighton Beach Memoirs" and "Broadway Bound" by Neil Simon at Interplayers Professional Theatre and Kent in both "Reasons to be Pretty" and "Reasons to be Happy" by Neil LaBute at The Modern Theatre. Notable screen credits Lead Bandit in Season 1 of "Z-Nation" and a short film "Emojihead" currently on YouTube's Crypt TV. Writing has taken precedent over the last couple of years as his explorations "behind the scenes" lead him into positions such as Associate Producer for Gordon Ramsay's "24 Hours to Hell and Back" or Assistant Directing a handful of independent projects, not to mention the plethora of production assistant and coordinating credits. Horror has always been a genre that has elevated his imagination and was transformative in his formative years. "Scream" marking the first real impact, dazzling him with characters and images he still can't get out of his head over 20 years later. Those cogs have been turning since it's release in 1997 and he's thrilled to have his first short script, "Live Like a Legend" place in five out of five submissions because of those turning cogs.


  • 13Horror - Winner and Publication
  • Horror Haus - 1st Place
  • Los Angeles CineFest - Semi-Finalist
  • Get It Made - Honorable Mention 
  • Indie Film Gathering - 3rd Place

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Scripts By Nich

Live Like A Legend
Awakened in the middle of the night, a narcissistic actor dials 911 as an unidentified stranger terrorizes him using paparazzi tactics.
Short Horror For sale 8pp
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