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Nicholas Heathcote

My name is Nick, and I love to write screenplays. I'm working on breaking into the film and TV industry, but I'm still learning and growing as an artist. I currently live in Portland, Oregon, with plans on moving to New York within the next year.

I am a man of all genres (save for musicals), a true cinephile who will never have the time to watch and read everything I would like. Just turned 24, I really want a dog, and I've never had a tooth cavity (knock on wood).


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Scripts By Nicholas

The Killing of Rasputin
A Russian nobleman, his wife, and his best friend plan to kill Rasputin on a single night. How hard could it be?
Short Comedy, History For sale 12pp
The Last House
During an interview, a detached young woman recounts the chilling reason why she's looking for a new job.
Short Mystery For sale 11pp
Sect's Toy
An impotent detective and his intuitive partner pursue a ghost on a murderous rampage. It's M.O.? Making its victims orgasm to death.
Feature Comedy, Horror, Mystery For sale 94pp
Crazy Animals
When his psychotic doctor forces him to attend college, a multi-phobic young man has to 'fit in' while dealing with his greatest challenge: his bro roommate.
Feature Comedy Example of work only 100pp
1 reader loves this script
The Happy Family
After a car accident strands an expecting couple, they have to accept the helping hand of a sadistic trucker--who has his own definition of family values.
Short Horror, Thriller Example of work only 31pp
A man-child is forced to grow up when his best friend--an anthropomorphic robot reincarnation of Ronald Reagan--becomes vice president of the United States.
Feature Comedy Example of work only 98pp
Survival Island
The found footage of a doomed reality show reveals the story of a heart-broken PA caught in a love triangle with a contestant and his best friend.
Feature Comedy Example of work only 98pp
As a strange presence wreaks havoc on the outside world, an alcoholic father and his middle-aged son struggle to survive one another.
Short Thriller Example of work only 36pp