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My name is Nicholas P and to be honest, I don't want to lie to my audience or tell anyone a lie. I won't. I took my scripts down because I had to think about what I was writing. If it was right. Truth is, it's not sugar coating anything, people are not going to like you because of who you are. I don't see color when I see people, I see a person. Simple.

1. Issues

2. Faces

3. Tres

4. Hardships

5. Reap & Sow

Issues, Faces, Tres, and Hardships are all linked together in the same universe. They each deal with a character going through a different situation and their pursuit of happiness. Each dealing with their own villain and common goal...survival.

Reap & Sow is to me personally, the most important screenplay. It should have been first. It is emotional and a rollercoaster. You get a good idea of what Nick Valens went through with the three women he got involved with.

The universe that the characters live in all come with their own moral compass. Some have been through their personal hell and have come out of it.

Advice for the readers out there, I advise that you read Issues, Faces, Tres, and Hardships in that order.



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Three women come together after one of their own is murdered, and vow to bring the killer to justice.
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A young man battles with his own personal life and demons, ending with his wife being the last one standing.
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A former gang member becomes a writer, falls in love with two men, and escapes her former sadistic gang leader.
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A street hustler and a foreign girl become friends but their newfound friendship comes with trust issues and secrets.
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