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Hello, my name is Nicholas P, and welcome to my profile. I am the writer of the feature script "Issues." It is the 1st screenplay to get more views. There most likely will be a sequel. That is all I can tell you, readers, right now.

Faces is the sequel to Issues and takes place six years after the events of what took happened and introduces us to a new hero. He is not perfect but he does grow up and becomes a man. A man that anyone would want on their side.

Tres is the prequel and will be the final chapter to the issues trilogy.  It takes place 11 years after Issues and 5 after Faces. A familiar character does return.

100 Likes is not apart of the Issues universe. It revolves around a young woman that must take 100 pictures and post them on her social media profiles to save the man she loves. It goes on but the things that come out after the outcome are a struggle of ourselves.

My advice to all the other screenwriters is to make the best of what you have in your writing.



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A young woman must get 100 likes on her pictures to save the man she loves and the two must face many obstacles that come their way.
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3 women come together after one of their own is murdered, and vow to bring the killer to justice.
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