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Nicholas Philippa

You may DM (message) me anytime. I'll do my best to respond as quickly as I can.

Current projects:
Two novel adaptations to feature scripts (novels intentionally not named).
Working with a Director to shop OPAL around town (LA).

Recent success:
OPAL: Blcklst 8; Semi Finalist - Gold Coast Film Festival (2022); Quarter Finalist Page International Screenplay Awards (2022); Optioned 2022.

WOOGARDINEE: Semi Finalist - ISA Emerging Screenwriters Suspense Competition (2022). QF Roadmap Writers Greenlights Challenge (and still in the mix). Being read by Carte Blanche productions.

Hi, I'm a creative based in Queensland, Australia. I primarily write feature length horror, war, thriller, and sci-fi scripts. Anything dark/serious generally.

I'm incredibly fortunate that I'm currently being mentored within Craft Services by the incredibly adroit, shrewd, and funny, Nicky Weinstock. Who is ably assisted by the amazing Celine Eva.

I'm an Army Veteran and a father. I'm currently working an 8-5 as a workplace investigator.

I use the incredibly talented Stephanie Archer to make my cover pages and TV bibles:

Have a great day.

Scripts By Nicholas

After finding a million dollar opal, a struggling miner and her brother must escape their isolated outback mine and evade cut-throat thieves, who are hellbent on stealing the opal and ending their lives.
Feature Thriller For sale 85pp
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When he and his friends accidentally anger a blood-lusting Dream-time spirit while hiking in the outback, a young lawyer must embrace his Aboriginal medicine-man training to try and survive.
Feature Horror For sale 91pp
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Burplahh - The Space Chronicles
Bumbling Alien Scientists crash their spaceship into Earth and must confront a dangerous Demi-God.
Web Series Pilot Animation For sale 11pp