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Nick Green
London, United Kingdom

I’m Nick Green. I'm a produced, professional screenwriter and script consultant. Over the last 25 years I've been hired to write, rewrite, doctor or adapt over 60 film and TV scripts in a variety of genres. I have also covered (analyzed) more than 180 screenplays for film financiers, producers, directors, and screenwriters - some of them Oscar winners. To find out more about what I do and have done - resume and references included - please see:

Scripts By Nick

Death can’t stop young Peter and Minnie finding each other again after everything World War 2, betrayal, murder, and revenge can throw at them. Neither can love.
Feature War For sale 94pp
Rival UK and US secret service agents must decide whether to stop a whistle blower revealing the treachery of their superiors, or help him.
Feature Thriller For sale 94pp