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Nick Jordan

I'm from a small town in Oklahoma. I moved to Los Angeles to bring back old Hollywood, when they didn't consider their audience too stupid for big ideas and took risks with original stories.

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Scripts By Nick

Safer At Home
A murderous monster attacks New York, forcing statewide lockdowns until an elite special forces unit takes charge to intervene.
Feature Action For sale 113pp
1 reader loves this script
Panther Tail
A sting operation gone wrong leaves $10 million in the hands of a man with nothing to lose and a secret weapon below his belt.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 98pp
The Swamp
A simple minded Southern businessman becomes a US Senator in an election upset, launching him into an underworld of debauchery, blackmail, and something darkly metaphysical.
Feature Comedy For sale 96pp
Hillbilly Hay
A trailer trash alcoholic exposes a secret CIA mind control program and becomes the reluctant leader of a cultural revolution.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 120pp
Dragon Sisters
Two young sisters in 1970s Tokyo are orphaned and separated, leading to their reunion years later in the sadistic underbelly of the city's red light district.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 90pp