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Nick Paul

Hello, my name is Nick Paul, I am the writer of the Issues series.

Screenwriting became my third passion, being able to share my vision with other screenwriters and producers, really are a dream of mine.

I started drawing when I eleven, that's when I drew free style. I came up with my own characters when I was thirteen, and that is when I learned to tell my own stories with my own imagination.

I first started writting scripts when I was twenty-one, and I became a fast learner. Knowledge helps.


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Scripts By Nick

Issues #3 Vision Issues
A blind teenage boy is in love with his music teacher.
Episode Action For sale 47pp
2 readers love this script
Issues #2 Girl Issues
A new lady with a bigger motive to kill a homeless man.
Episode Action For sale 37pp
2 readers love this script
A young Russian girl takes a job to kill a homeless man, but becomes romantically involved with a teenage boy.
TV Pilot Adventure For sale 65pp
1 reader loves this script
Issues #6 Memory Issues Part 1
A woman describes the story of her father, who was a Marine, and saved by a mysterious woman. The woman's relationship with her father interferes with her relationship with her husband.
Episode Adventure For sale 27pp
Issues #5 Past Issues
The homeless man is targeted once again, and meets the one that wants him dead.
Episode Adventure For sale 26pp
Issues #4 Trust Issues
The homeless man is now a father, and a godfather. Both are young girls, and boy does he have his hands full.
Episode Adventure For sale 45pp