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Hello, my name is Nick Paul, I'm the writer of the Issues series. I have written five scripts in the last two months, they are the five episodes to be written. I am working towards my goal and have it grow further onto screens.


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Scripts By Nick

Issues #5 Past Issues
As the issues comes to a close, and Nick has his final moment with the one responsible, the truth comes out.
Episode Adventure For sale 53pp
Issues #4 Trust Issues
It's been years since Nick was around the Matthews, now he must look out for their fifteen year old daughter, Nicola.
Episode Adventure For sale 37pp
Issues #3 Vision Issues
Will Torres is blind and in love with his new music teacher, Brenda Michaels. But his sister is assigned to take out his teacher's boyfriend. It's a small world, isn't it?
Episode Action For sale 38pp
Issues #2 Girl Issues
Shelly Owens comes from a broken home, and is the new lady assigned to kill Nick Rivers.
Episode Action For sale 30pp
Joy is a victim of human trafficking, now a runaway and out to assassinate Nick Rivers, a homeless man. Along the way she becomes romantically involved with Sherman Matthews, a bullied boy.
Web Series Pilot Adventure For sale 45pp