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Nicole Guttormsen

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Nicole Guttormsen
Los Angeles, United States

I was born in a trailer park, the daughter of a truck driver and a dreamer.  We never had much, but my mom always made it seem like enough.  As I grew older I saw my neighborhood friends turn to drugs, gangs and worse.  I, however, had a different plan.  I dreamed of playing college softball.  I traded doublewide parties for the diamond and was rewarded with an athletic scholarship to a small private school.

I was the first person in my family to attend college and I loved being able to work towards my degree while playing the game I loved.  But two days before my senior season I tore my ACL, essentially ending my career.  Not that many women can make a career playing professional sports anyway.  I felt lost and lonely.  I began writing while I was stuck in my dorm room and finally felt like I found my place in the world.

After college I moved to Los Angeles and started working at a fancy tech start up while writing on the side.  Two years later I started doing voice over full time from home and was able to really focus on writing.  I started training at The Second City in both writing and improv.  I have spent the last two years focused on writing, taking every opportunity possible to improve my skills and find my place in the industry.

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Scripts By Nicole

The Queen of Trailer Park Road
After being expelled from the United States, a trailer park creates a new monarchy, giving rise to a battle for the throne.
TV Pilot Comedy, Family For sale 34pp
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