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Niklas Albert
Leipzig, Germany

Niklas is a 20y/o German linguistics student from Leipzig, Germany.

His stories are especially focused on individuality, the correlation of different mindsets, as much as the combination of intellectualism and entertainment. At the moment he is working in the German language, but for his personal progress and writing improvements he wants to take part in the international screenwriting community, just to get some different and more enlightening perspectives.

For his own inspiration, Niklas consumes at least 4 hours of YouTube a day. Well, that makes him practically sound like an addict, but as the structural development of media evolves, the future of authentic and original content and also the target groups of the future are sure to be found over there. There is always some interesting knowledge to explore too. And memes. The world needs more Lebowskis flying over cities.

At the moment he plans to silently stream the writing of his current project on Twitch. You can find his German account here.



2019-: University of Leipzig: German studies, B. A. (German linguistics and literature), additional graduations in political science & theater studies 



Lieferung Frei (Free Delivery): After his unjust release, an impoverished pizza delivery guy is supposed to steal the “Holy Rolex” from a circle of materialists for an art-loving, wealthy drug baroness, not knowing that he is now working for his father's murderess. --> The developing process also includes an English translation.

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