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NIKOLAS SOREN GOODICH, 52, is a mixed-race native Angeleno.


Nikolas is a writer of screenplays, memoirs, and magical realism fiction and he’s also a visual artist – a painter - specializing in a unique type of monoprint painting. He’s exhibited his art across the U.S. since 1990 including a 2015 show in Berlin. He was also a professional musician for over twenty years. His father was Frederic Goodich ASC (rip 2016), a respected Director of Photography in the film industry. Frederic instilled in his son a passionate love for cinema and Nikolas has remained obsessed with the history of film and the writing and production of movies his entire life.


The screenplay, “Thee Arkansaw Bear,” is a real “labor of love,” being a collaboration between him and his mother, DR. LENI A. SORENSEN PHD, 80, also a native Angelino, who lives in Virginia. DR. SORENSEN is a noted African American historian. Her expertise in the complexities of the history of the Black experience in the USA for over 400 years is encyclopedic.


When Dr. Sorensen was a young child in Los Angeles in the late 40s and early 50s, her favorite book was The Arkansaw Bear by Albert Bigelow Paine, Mark Twain’s best friend and biographer. The original children’s story TAB (The Arkansaw Bear) was published in 1897. It was a best seller! While Nikolas was a very young boy in the 70s, his mother read him the book and always told him how she wanted to write a movie of it. In the early 90s she wrote a treatment, and in the early 00’s Nikolas was inspired to start writing the screenplay by a set of epiphanies he had.


Since 2014 he and his mother have been working on the first draft and here it is, just finished about a month ago. They are hard at work on the second draft now, having gotten great feedback from friends, family, readers, and amazing people from the film industry.


Scripts By Nikolas

Thee Arkansaw Bear
Arkansas, 1869. A violin playing Bear who can transform into a Black man befriends an orphan Black boy. They escape from the circus to New Orleans. King Leopold II of Belgium’s evil agents follow them.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, History, Musical For sale 107pp