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Nikolas Goodich
Los Angeles, United States

Nikolas Soren Goodich

b. 1969 Los Angeles

An L.A. native, I’ve been a visual artist and a writer my entire life. I have exhibited my art across the USA since 1990 and in Berlin. For twenty years I was also an art handler and preparator by day at top galleries, museums, and institutions in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Virginia and San Francisco.

In 2014, after battling substance abuse and homelessness, the Grammy Foundation – due to 23 years I spent as a working indie rock musician - sponsored my rehabilitation. I’ve lived a clean life since then, focused on my serious, consistent art practice.

In my work I paint on plexiglass and monoprint that onto another surface, but instead of paper, I transfer images to a second plexiglass panel. Multiple mono-printed plexiglass panels are sandwiched together, with printing on both sides, and mounted onto canvas or wood panel supports. This often results in diptychs and polyptychs.

The central motif in my new body of work, Double Inverted Portraits, is the human face in profile. The juxtaposition of organic textures within structured layered compositions, paradoxically recalls heated psychological investigation and clinical anatomical analysis.

Along with writing songs, lyrics, poetry, and fiction all my life, in the last seven years I have been perfecting my skills as a screenwriter as well. I have just finished the first draft of a screenplay for a major motion picture that I have co-written with my mother, Dr. Leni A. Sorensen PhD.


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Scripts By Nikolas

Thee Arkansaw Bear
Arkansas, 1869. A violin playing Bear who can transform into a Black man befriends an orphan Black boy. They escape from the circus to New Orleans. King Leopold II of Belgium’s evil agents follow them.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, History, Musical For sale 107pp
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