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Noureddine HIFAD

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Noureddine HIFAD
Essaouira, Morocco

a native of the small Moroccan town of Essaouira which is located at the country's Atlantic side. the author studied Economics in high school and later did management studies in a business school, he is a selfmade entrepreneur, founder of the company ORGANIC SOURCING SARL one of the major exporters of Moroccan argan oil. the author is an amateur of fantasy and his writings are influenced by everything related to war and strategy, with a pre-dominant historical background.

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Scripts By Noureddine

Achilles' Game - Stalemate
A former C.I.A. operative, now running a private security company while seeking vengeance for his fallen team, is faced with his most challenging task yet: to kidnap the President of the United States
Feature Action For sale 113pp
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A young heir to the throne flees in an attempt to gather 108 righteous heroes to save the country from the usurping general.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 62pp
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