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Octavio Guerra-Royo

Octavio Guerra-Royo was born in Havana, Cuba, currently living in Miami, Florida.
His primary studies were in an American Bi-Lingual School in Havana. He later studied Electronics, Linguistics, Literature, and Philosophy at Havana University, being a professor on these subjects.
He also studied TV and Movie direction, along with different types of screenwriting, from comic books to Radio, TV, and movies, writing scripts for all those media, including websites and social media.
He has also written poetry, novels, essays, and articles in a broad array of subjects.
He currently works as a freelance content writer, screenwriter, and translator.
His screenplay ANIMALYPSE is based in his novel ANIMALYPSE: THE ANIMAL APOCALYPSE, published by Pen It! Publications.

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Scripts By Octavio

When genetically modified organisms (GMOs) plants and animals start becoming giant deadly monsters, an FBI agent investigates the largest GMO corporation uncovering an Eco-Terrorist plot to create the animal apocalypse, the ANIMALYPSE, worldwide.
Feature Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 157pp