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Oliver North
Johannesburg, South Africa

Personally I think its good to explore topics that have relevance to the lives of South African audiences, but the trick is to do it subtly through plot and character, not to mistake “issue” for storytelling. Story is king!

My first short film “Ms. Me” funded by the National Film and Video Foundation and Co-produced by little LA Productions CC and Moving Billboard Picture Company, completed development in 2018 and wrapped production in the same year. 

My second short film “Mier - The Ant” also funded by the National Film and Video Foundation and co-produced by little LA Productions CC, completed development in 2020.

Once I had the script, I constructed a business plan around it. Among other things this involved creating a budget, identifying our audience, creating a unique distribution plan/strategy, a sound marketing plan/strategy, identifying key casting choices, hiring a line producer, securing a LOI from neoPOL Films in Frankfurt together with a capable crew from Johannesburg and Cape Town.

And now I am presenting it to you, hoping you would be willing to fund our picture. 

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Scripts By Oliver

Black Mane
A cross-border poaching kingpin confronts the morality of his work when he picks up a young hiker who turns out to be the hereditary Rain Queen.
Feature Crime, Drama, Thriller Seeking finance 217pp
Mier "The Ant"
An over zealous ex-city cop pursues a fugitive hiding out in a small border town called Mier.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama Seeking finance 130pp
The Pinch Code
After the home of newly weds is marked with the infamous Pinch Code, they become part of a deadly cat-and-mouse game to survive the night.
Feature Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller Seeking finance 106pp
The Vaal Triangle
After moving to the Vaal Triangle, four friends discover that the area is a haven for the supernatural.
TV Pilot Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi In development 53pp
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