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Olivia Meredith R.
Austin, United States

Olivia Meredith presently hails from Austin, Texas, and she recommends the tacos over the BBQ. A woman without a childhood hometown, Olivia has lived across the U.S. in a variety of states including Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington D.C., before settling down in Texas. Inspired during her childhood to become a "very important writer," she (her mother) eventually steered her inclinations for writing away from creative pursuits and instead towards professional ones, realizing that legal briefs are a great opportunity for creative license (Mom wasn't wrong). To that end, at 24, she put herself through law school, and at 27, passed the Bar Exam, found a respectable job, and only then realized that trial level attorneys rarely ever write legal briefs. With her professional life secure but lacking satisfaction, Olivia picked up her pen and touchscreen, about a dozen books, subscribed to five new podcasts, ordered a 20 oz. chai latte, and set to screenwriting. She's currently working on two feature length screenplays and a handful of pilots. Olivia is 33 and lives in Austin.


Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
(A Dutiful Woman)
Nicholl Fellowship - Semi-Finalist
(A Slow and Patient Thaw)

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Scripts By Olivia Meredith

A Dutiful Woman
In 1744 Philadelphia, when a debt is suddenly due, a young widow must save her struggling printing press from bank seizure amidst her family’s insistence to remarry.
TV Pilot Drama, History, Romance For sale 67pp
2 readers love this script
A Slow and Patient Thaw
In 1878, after marrying a former student to preserve her reputation among their rural community, a small-town teacher struggles to gain his new bride’s trust and favor.
Feature Drama, History, Romance For sale 115pp
2 readers love this script