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Omid Iranikhah

I began writing screenplays at the tender age of 11, and my accomplishments in the relatively short period that followed include selling a short screenplay, working as a freelance script reader, and getting hired to write screenplays for a number of independent production companies. Until recently with my dramedy screenplay "The Gentile," I refrained from drawing from my Iranian heritage for material since I did not want to tie myself down to familiar inspirations. I usually prefer to challenge myself as a storyteller and explore alien territories through extensive research. On top of being a screenwriter, I am a classically trained actor. In fact, I got into writing after facing difficulty landing roles as a child actor (I was a weird-looking kid, and not in a good way). I plan on eventually starring in my screenplay "The Gentile," as I believe that the lead role will fully utilize my range as an actor.


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Scripts By Omid

A young man goes to extreme lengths to cure himself of his shy bladder.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 10pp
2 readers love this script
Love Bomb
A recently widowed 78-year-old woman is thrust back into the dating scene of a world in which not being married by one's 25th birthday holds a fatal consequence.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 24pp
2 readers love this script
The Wreckage
A fugitive wakes up in the back of a car crashed in the middle of a forest. He soon finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic hunter.
Short Thriller For sale 9pp
1 reader loves this script
Son of Evil
A dreamlike voyage into the mind of controversial rock’n’roller GG Allin as his soul wanders through a memory-flooded hellscape.
Feature Biography, Fantasy, Horror For sale 80pp
Dirty Boy
An aimless college graduate's botched one-night stand with an older assassin makes him the target of a manhunt.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 85pp
A dementia-stricken man mistakes his put-upon son for a lover from his past.
Short Drama Example of work only 10pp
A university-bound high school graduate finds his mundane summer disrupted by a doomed fling that makes him question the course of his life, as well as the meaning of his existence.
Feature Drama, Romance Seeking finance 100pp
Through the Mud
After the attempted suicide of his estranged brother unveils a sin from the past, a broken man must decide between personal redemption and protecting his family name.
Feature Drama, Mystery Seeking finance 109pp
The Gentile
A self-destructive Iranian-American man pretends to be Jewish in order to win the affection of a Jewish woman with a secret of her own.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance Seeking finance 36pp