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My name is Omobola Stephen.

I am a professional Podcaster,a creative writer,an online media consultant,and a personal development blogger.

I have always looked forward to becoming a script/screenwriter someday.I wanted to share my ideas about love stories,adventures and romance to the world. I believe love is the basis of everything.

I have a certificate of accomplishments: Writing The Shorts,and features from Young Screenwriters, USA and a certificate in Script writing: Writing TV Pilot or web series:Project-centered  from Coursera to my professional credit.

With the community of professionals on this platform, I believe the sky is definitely not the limit.




Scripts By Omobola

To fall in love is easy. To remain in love is a big deal.
Short Adventure, Biography, Drama, Family For sale 12pp
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He wants another baby.She's not ready to go one more time.It's a locked down for everyone.Now,its an opportuntity to try his luck once more.
Short Drama, Family, Romance For sale 12pp
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One more time
Sometimes it's hard to let go of the past. But it's harder when you almost loose a true-love.
Short Adventure, Romance For sale 12pp
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All for Doleen
Sometimes those we truly love could turn around to be our haters.
Feature Drama, Romance For sale 102pp
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All she ever wanted was more of everything. However, when her past came calling,she realised that she had bitten more than she had chewed.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance For sale 93pp
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To have a man
If you really want something,no one dares to cross your path.
Short Adventure, Biography, Family For sale 12pp
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When you truly love a woman,you would do anything to keep her sanity in place.
Short Drama For sale 12pp