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O'Shea O'Shea the writer
Syracuse, United States

I am a screenwriter for films of the romance, drama, comedy, and horror genres. I have been writing scripts since the beginning of 2014, and I love the job that I do. Many of my scripts come from things that I notice. Strippers are People too was developed based on a meeting I had with a stripper at a strip club. As I began to feel that she was working a job that didn't suit her, this amazing idea was blossomed into my mind, which, I then turned into a script. A New Kind of Relationship was blossomed into my mind when I talked to a female of a Caucasian descent. Her parents weren't up to her dating a man of an African American descent, and that experience was made into a script.  I have created a lot of other scripts off of imagination.  Such as, The Transformation.  "A veterinarian tries to help dogs get over their sicknesses. So, he makes a cure, but, that cure turns him and the dogs into werewolves, then, a killing spree begins!

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