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Pag Kravvas
London, United Kingdom

Panagiotis (aka Pag) Kravvas here, an award-winning Writer-Director.
Greek, studied Script Writing & Film Direction in Greece & the US (N.Y.F.A) in the 90s, had a long & fruitful career in Greece.
Shorts & features, docs & music promos, prime time TV series: you name it, I've done it all.
Last film back home, The Death I Dreamed Of : six international awards, a US & a UK distribution. It was time to move on.
Resided to UK a few years ago, changing gear & my priorities. I mostly stick now to my darling craft & career: writing.
Filmmaking's always at the ready, especially if it's my own Writer-Director projects or challenging & provoking features/other projects we're talking about...  

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Scripts By Pag

A Beast in Heaven, A Man in Exile
After his misguided asylum release, David is overrun by his mental disorders. In a mind-bending journey, he has his revenge over his psychiatrist Adam and the Adams of his sinister world.
Feature Horror For sale 85pp
A Good Highway to a Private Hell
In recovery from a hidden trauma, a scarred psychiatrist is kidnapped and imprisoned by a masked family of six. As masks fall off one by one, the prisoner meets his dark past.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 97pp