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Patrick Fisher

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Patrick Fisher
Los Angeles, United States

I am the son of a television writer who, in turn, was the son of a pulp writer. I like to joke that my grandfather was bitten by a writer and writing became a family curse.I, myself write novels and screenplays, usually comedy, sometimes scifi, sometimes both, though always with some absurdity. I didn't always want to be a writer. When I was a kid, hanging around movie or tv sets, I always thought the prop guys were the coolest. They had the best toys. I drifted into painting and cartooning after that. That's when I realized I needed to know how to write. 

I am gearing up to work on my next novel, as I have three ideas in the works, I cant call this number five just yet. I have just finished, after three years, a computer crash and my car literally blowing up, my fourth novel; Instant Death; Goodbye Sadness. 

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Penny is a girl with a few problems. She see's how people are going to die, she has trouble making friends and she can't die.
Feature Comedy, Fantasy For sale 100pp
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