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Patrick Taylor
Tampa, United States

Screenwriter from South Mississippi with B. A. in Theatre Directing. Currently residing in Tampa, FL. I'm the co-founder of a small production company, Falconista Films, with whom I produced seventeen short film projects. As a storyteller, I'm passionate about films that are realistic but also celebrate the realm of impossibility that exists only in the movies. Through my work I tend to play with classic tropes, campy style, and kitsch to explore contemporary issues through a horror lense.

A few influences would have to include: Rod Serling, George A Romero, Anna Biller, Stephen King, and Seijin Suzuki.

Scripts By Patrick

White Elephant
After being gifted a piece of elephant ivory, a wealthy trophy hunter suffers the consequences of three Christmas wishes.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi Seeking finance 34pp
1 reader loves this script
Trapped in a deadly virtual reality game, five former friends play to escape before a cyber killer slaughters them one life at a time. Can they survive the night?
Feature Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi Example of work only 96pp
1 reader loves this script
Something Rots
Unearthly hauntings lead a recovering addict to discover a gruesome family secret buried in the walls of his dead father's home.
Short Horror For sale 18pp
Used To Be My URL
A tech-savvy geek thinks she's been erased from existence after installing a mysterious AOL disc.
Short Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi For sale 25pp
Blow Fly
A two-faced Bible salesman manipulates a struggling widow and her two inquisitive daughters, who suspect the irresistible salesman may not be human after all.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller Example of work only 120pp
Possessed by a dead greaser's leather jacket, a local loser takes revenge on a biker gang that's invaded her hometown through a series of escalating and ever-deadly pranks.
Feature Comedy, Horror Example of work only 26pp
The Grave Kept Secret
A childhood pet killer faces a grim reunion after digging up a familiar grave outside his new home.
Short Horror Example of work only 21pp
A Boy and His Blob
After a meteorite crash lands onto his family's farm, a lonely farmboy discovers and befriends a glowing blob creature with lofty political ambitions.
Short Sci-Fi Seeking finance 22pp
Each Buries His Own
A Confederate soldier encounters a witch, seeking help for his fatally wounded brother.
Short Horror Seeking finance 11pp
A couple of killer lovers-on-the-run find themselves trapped in a 1950s cult, where they fight the influence of a charismatic Sheriff and his sadistic wife.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery Example of work only 110pp
Uncanny Intruders
Trapped by an immense storm, a trio of college students barricade themselves inside an isolated cabin after they're attacked by a FACELESS creature lurking in the surrounding forest.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Seeking finance 88pp
Two Dollar Bill
A teenage drifter coaxes two small-time crooks into staging a robbery to steal her inheritance back from her estranged father.
Feature Crime, Drama, Film-Noir Example of work only 110pp