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Paul Glen Neuman
Los Angeles, United States

Screenwriter. Novelist. Playwright. Actor. Singer. Songwriter. Military brat.

About Me

I am a multi-optioned screenwriter who enjoys writing in a variety of genres. My scripts reflect my background as an actor, director and playwright.

Eighteen published books. Novels sold in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and throughout Scandinavia.

My produced comedy feature All About Books - The Movie was released in 2018 and distributed by Caps Media Ventura.

As a professional writer I am dedicated to creating the best screenplays and novels possible.

Thoughts on Writing

Writing isn't something you happen to do; it's something you must do. The ability to write is a gift. You can be taught about writing, but not how to write. Want to write? You have to read. Everything you can get your hands on.

Brief History

I grew up in the military. An Air Force brat. Attended fourteen schools in twelve years. Lived in Michigan, California, Florida. Tainan, Taiwan and Bitburg, Germany. Always meeting new and interesting people. A wonderful resource for creating believable characters.

I received my B.A. in Theater from California State University Long Beach where I concentrated on Acting, Directing and Playwriting. I have appeared as an actor in twenty-one plays, including Promises, Promises, Showboat and My Fair Lady. I did not play Eliza Doolittle.

My wife Virginia is an artist from London, England. She is the funniest woman I have ever known and is the rock of stability who keeps this writer sane. 

More information on my professional background can be found at: 


Scripts By Paul Glen

Davy Cricket
A cricket born and bred to be pet food escapes his fate and embarks upon an exciting adventure full of danger, discovery and unexpected friendships.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family For sale 107pp
Fairy Trail
In a world that co-exists with characters from classic fairy tales, Officer Glen Marcus is called upon to investigate the murders of the Three Little Pigs.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy For sale 99pp
When a grocery store chain sponsors a contest and winds up with too many Grand Prize winners, they hire a hit man to bump off the winners. Not all the winners are easy to kill.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Romance For sale 92pp
Assassins Don't Pay Rent
Charlie West searches for his private investigator uncle's killers, assisted by Philip Spade, a "fictional" detective come to life and the woman who hired his uncle for the case that got him killed.
Feature Adventure, Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance For sale 93pp
Uncle Scam
A seasoned government auditor and his rookie apprentice run for their lives in Orlando when a routine audit leads to a murder and they are the only suspects.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 105pp
Arrivederci Speranza
Tonio Ziccardi copes with his wife deserting him on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary-especially devastating and humiliating considering Tonio works as a marriage counselor in Rome.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 105pp
A Civil War veteran avenges his brother's bullet at a time.
Feature Western For sale 96pp
Staff Infection
Carver Wells fights for his life after an ER patient unleashes a deadly contagion that traps Carver inside a hospital thrown into a quarantined lock down.
Feature Horror For sale 95pp