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Paul Grammatico
El Cerrito, United States

Forbidden to see graphic films as a child and limited to edited TV movies, I received my horror information second hand through stories from older friends and siblings.  I also vacationed in a desolate cottage, raised in houses with creepy basements, and lived in an apartment with a “full torso apparition”.  Inspired by my experiences, I am a multi-award-winning screenwriter with an affinity of the weird and unexplained.

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Scripts By Paul

Garden of Delight
A man takes revenge on the people from his past by saving the life of a professional killer who becomes indebted to him.
Feature Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 93pp
4 readers love this script
Starvation Lake
An accident causes a group of hunters to face an awakened evil that resides in a desolate forest in Northern Michigan.
Feature Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 91pp
3 readers love this script
The Keys
As a family cleans their dead grandmother’s house, they come across a jar of keys which reveal each of their darkest and deadliest secrets.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 93pp
2 readers love this script
Six Bullets at Sundown
A stranger arrives looking for Jericho Jackson and his gang of outlaws that have terrorized the local town for twelve years and who owe him something other than the bounty for their heads.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Western For sale 95pp
2 readers love this script
An incident haunts three police officers in a coffee shop.
Short Drama, Horror, Mystery For sale 9pp
2 readers love this script
Herbert West - Reanimator - "Miskatonic"
A serum that can re-animate the dead becomes an obsession with a scientist and his assistant as their experiments upon human flesh are met with dire consequences.
TV Pilot Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 51pp