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Paul Maher
Liverpool, United Kingdom

I began taking an interest in media related subjects in the 1980s especially photograhy, being self-taught, doing mostly Black & White. Fortunately I was at sea then so had the opportunity for travel to help my photography. During this time I completed the Bureau of Freelance Photographers Photo-Journalism course which taught me how to write correctly and I had a number of publishing successes. 

In 1988 I lived in Gibraltar for a year as manager/trainer of a gym, then in Greece for eighteen months. I had an extra role in the Niko Mastorakis film Hired to Kill. I returned to England in 1992 and attended Southport College full time to study for a BTEC National Diploma in Photography which put the polish on what I had taught myself and received the Licentiate Distinction from The Royal Photographic Society. This was followed by a further year at Wirral Metropolitan doing Media Studies to specialize in Video Production and helped out with a Video Production Company for further experience. During my time back in England I also continued with editorial photography, had a couple of exhibitions and some commercial and social photography assignments.

In 1994 I returned to sea to do more traveling and worked in Australia for a year. This time gave me the opportunity for further writing and I self-published a couple of books on Sports Psychology after eight long years study online for a PhD. 

Having to retire from the sea, I grew more interest in script writing, attending a course at Liverpool University. Since then I have published three novellas and written their film scripts and I am continuing with my photography, video and continuing with further script development.    

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