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Pavle Petrovic

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Pavle Petrovic
Belgrade, Serbia

Born in Belgrade, Serbia on March 4th, 1991, living now in the municipality of Rakovica. High school graduate, curentlly finishing college for an enviromental engineer (paused for 2 years though, because of divorce). I worked for some of the largest clients on Upwork over the last 7 years. During that time, I wrote scripts, stories, articles etc. in my spare time, a dream I had since I was 7

I've been working over other paid platforms as a professional screenwriter, writing, editing, formatting and doing coverage for clients in a ghostwriting manner. I've finished my short, A Cyber-Life Tale, a while back, and I'm now working on my next shorts. Stay tuned for more, and feel free to message me about anything.

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Scripts By Pavle

A Cyber-Life Tale
A young programmer, Marian, lives his life mostly over the internet. After meeting a girl, Tina, his life turns around for the better, as she helps him overcome anxiety and start living a normal life
Short Drama, Romance Available for Free 13pp
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