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Pedro J. E. Santos
Lisbon, Portugal

Hi, I'm Pedro and I take myself as a creative, engaging, enthusiastic and resilient young person.
My passion for words and for the ideas that they can transmit makes me a true lover of writing any type of text, prose, poetry or even screenplays.
I believe that sharing our work and opinions, no matter the way how we express ourselves, is a way of traveling around the world and taking others with us along the road.
Everything posted in here is original. I own the copyright to this website's original content. If you wish to use any of it, please contact me by sending an email on my website.

I hope you like it,
Pedro J. E. Santos

Scripts By Pedro

Not every story has an end. After a year on cryostasis, Makenzie and Tyler can see, for the first time, Earth - the home of the human species. What is the meaning of 'home'?
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp