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Peggie Lynn

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Peggie Lynn
Raleigh, United States

Peggie Lynn (Mann) left Eastern Kentucky, where there was little opportunity, to study physics and art. Following her academic career, she was employed as a semiconducting crystal analyst in the private sector. Ms. Mann continues to work with crystal growth in the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle.

"I began exploring screenwriting as a medium of choice a little over a decade ago. I studied film as an undergraduate and felt it was the most natural medium for the stories I wanted to write, and to say the things I want to say.  I was a regular at the Nashville Screenwriter's Conference where I met many screenwriters, which I feel adds a layer of understanding to their work- like getting to know the artist who painted a painting. 

I have written ten screenplays, one short was produced. Those earlier works were learning exercises. The screenplay I share here is looking for a home. 

Current creative projects include a creative non-fiction book, "A Young Girl's Heart is a Dangerous Thing" and a feature screenplay "I Met my Soulmate in the Home Depot Parking Lot".


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Scripts By Peggie

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