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Peter Marshall Smith
Los Angeles, United States

Peter Marshall Smith is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from UCLA, he co-founded Lasrever, an independent production company. He has directed multiple award winning short films, and was the principal director/editor of "The Underground", a progressive variety show on LA36. He also served as a producer and editor for an upcoming feature length documentary entitled, Tupamaro: Urban Guerrillas, which won Best Foreign Film and the Golden Palm Award at the 2017 Beverly Hills Film Festival, in addition to other awards. His latest directorial effort, Lost Weekend, is a darkly comedic short film that premiered at the 2019 Beverly Hills Film Festival and will be featured as part of the opening night program at the at 8pm on Friday, November 8th 2019 at the The Hollywood Post 43 American Legion Theater.

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