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Peter Quelch

I am a writer/director/producer based out of Vancouver BC. I've written and directed 3 short films and penned the scripts for several others. I enjoy creating narratives that are unique and original in how they are told, but still strike an emotional chord with the audience.

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Scripts By Peter

Jodie and Jeffery
A heartbroken woman engages in sexual intercourse with the corpse of her dead-lover resulting in disastrous consequences.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 9pp
Breaking free
Jason Carter, a lonely 15-year old, is convinced to escape from his abusive father by a being that inhabits his dreams.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 8pp
After being assaulted by a group of delinquents, a female android designed for the express purpose of erotic pleasure escapes her confines
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Seeking finance 8pp
A teenage girl takes a stand against her landlord after he threatens eviction over her mothers drug use.
Short Drama Produced 3pp