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Phil Mitchell

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Phil Mitchell
Bangkok, Thailand

At the age of 15 Phil started work in Fleet Street. He worked at the front desk of the Daily Express, and within a year he was in the editorial department, then he was put in charge of  Holborne books / Beaverbrooke Press. After a submission to "Citizen Smith" The BBC invited him up to the Writers room. But  work and family had to come first. Unfortunatley for Phil a 40 year gap between writing and eaning money (surviving in the big world) took place. But now having time on his hands he's back, and with three books (On Amazon) "No Sales" he has turned them into film scripts and is looking around to test them out, and see if any of them are any good.   

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Scripts By Phil

Bad Ivory
Trained by the British SAS, nine volunteers are sent on a covert mission to kill Elephant poachers. But when the British Government pulls the plug on the operation it turns into something more sinister.
Feature Action For sale 97pp
Who's Your Daddy? or "Sorted"
Three illegitimate Royals steal millions from Paddington railway station, two South London gangsters, their killer wives, and the Queen Mother all become involved. Culminating in a final and brutal showdown on the island of Majorca.
Feature Crime For sale 149pp