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Philip McCusker

American born, Philip moved down under when he was a teenager and has been stuck between two worlds ever since. Culturally, he has come out quite blurred and does not fit comfortably under any one label. 

Philip was exposed to films of every genre and decade from a very early age. The movies that tend to rouse his creativity are comedies and horror films of the 80's and 90's, and science fiction of the fifties and sixties. As a result his voice tends to remind people of a different decade. Finding his voice as a writer was perhaps the hardest and most rewarding experience of his life. Stuck between the country he lives and the one he calls home, outsider characters tend to resonate most with him. While he doesnt settle into any one genre, he finds the strange and unusual to be the most interesting space for writing and the origin of most of his creativity.

Philip has a Bachelor of Laws and is studying a Master of Arts, majoring in Communications. His dream is to see his stories on the big screen and one day make his own movie behind the camera. Until then, he spends his free time creating new characters, narratives, and worlds. 

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Scripts By Philip

A father’s untimely death lands him in red tape in the afterlife. When he cheats the system to stay with his family, he will have to risk everything to protect them from the consequences.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 114pp
After a young teacher arrives in a small town and urges the residents to overturn a longtime law prohibiting the celebration of Halloween, an evil spirit emerges with deadly intentions.
Feature Horror For sale 112pp
No Dumping Allowed
An underachieving thirty-something uses the death of his estranged father to drag his sister through hell, Florida, and a theme park.
Feature Comedy For sale 120pp