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Phillip E. Hardy is creative maverick, who can craft compelling stories in every genre. He is a ten time optioned screenwriter, who is currently having four projects shopped by producers including Steven Roeder, De Pass, Sean Hoessli, Zane W. Levitt and has signed a shopping agreement with de Passe Jones Entertainment. His work has been in front of Tyler Perry Studios, Paramount Studios, Ridley Scott, Martin Scorsese, William Morris Endeavor and many others.  He has placed and won over 145 film festivals and contests including Page International, Austin Film Festival, WeScreenplay Screenplay, Shore Scripts, Screencraft, Beverly Hills Film Festival, Bluecat Screenplay, Storypros and Harlem International Film Festival.

Phillip has obtained a bachelor of science in business management, a master of management and is a Stanford University Certified Project Manager.

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Scripts By Phillip

The Man Who Bore the Myth
J.D. Salinger goes to war, has affairs with attractive teenagers and writes a mega bestseller then escapes his fame by spending increasing amounts of time with characters of his own creation.
Feature Biography, Drama For sale 127pp
5 readers love this script
Welcome To The Madhouse
When his older girlfriend dumps him in Paris, a young American drummer meets a beautiful therapist who takes him home to the family mansion... a mental facility with patients experiencing delusions of grandeur.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 94pp
1 reader loves this script
The Invader
When several women are murdered in Texas, a small-town lawman suffering violent dreams and premonitions tries to prevent a growing body count, while hunting for what could be a serial killer from another world.
Feature Film-Noir, Sci-Fi For sale 91pp
Bloodsucker University
When students and staff begin disappearing, three disgraced misfits banished to a conservative college for various felonies and misdemeanors band together to destroy a brood of ravenous vampires who they discover are their professors.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 118pp