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Phillip Spain
Orlando, United States

I'm a life long lover of film and storytelling who has recently graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Telecommunications and Film. I've directed two student short films, Nightwalk and The Scriptwriter, the latter of which I also wrote and produced, writen multiple other short scripts, and one feature length script with more in the works. I love stories that tackle subjects that are often difficult, dark, and gritty. In terms of genre, I work mostly within the realms of thriller, suspense, and drama, but am a firm believer that small doses of comedy, when utilized appropriatly, can be important tools in nearly any genre, and help give a degree of emotional realism that strictly dark films tend to lack.

Some of my all time favorite films include Amadeus, Get Out, Watership Down, John Carpenter's The Thing, The Witch, and Sunshine.


Any feedback on my writing is welcome and appreciated!

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