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Prashant Sharma
Lucknow, India

Prashant Sharma is a passionate screenwriter and director. His love for storytelling has been the major determinant to pursue his career in films.

Till date, he has directed a short film and written six feature length screenplays, two of them with his co-writer.

His interest mainly revolves around mystery and fantasy genre, but some of his works also deals with genres like crime, horror, romance and many others.

The thing he loves about filmmaking is very short and simple. HE GET TO TELL A STORY. 

Scripts By Prashant

David and His Wise Ram
Set in 1600s. After losing everything precious in his life due to his dim-wittedness, a teen shepherd must outwit the treacherous world to find his wise ram, who is the key to fix everything.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 90pp
Losing Faith
After declared a sinner in hell, a desperate mother must escape to the world of living to save her 8-year old daughter from her father before time runs out.
Feature Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance For sale 126pp
The Empty Vessels
A renowned private investigator struggles to unravel why a client passed away in front of him in mysterious fashion and is hired to find soul magnet... eventually discovering that the two cases might be interconnected.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 106pp
Good Night
A Woman, early bird, can't sleep when she begins to witness eerie events in her bedroom.
Short Horror For sale 9pp