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Prathit Reddy
Saratoga, United States

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia... Quite an irony considering it means the fear of long words! No, I don't have that particular phobia, but truth be told, I also hate "big" words.

But as a Screenwriter, there's a particular audience you're trying to connect to... they want you to come to the point; I believe I can keep it short and sweet!

I'm quite young, and there's just so much left to learn and explore! But when you're really, really passionate about something. ( Yes, I did repeat the same phrase twice... Epizeumixis?) You won't stop until you get it.

They say that the screenwriter's secret weapon is patience. I hope I have enough.


Scripts By Prathit

A recovering Meth addict loses her blind daughter in a hit-and-run; falling back into old habits leads her to question her reality and identity, soon seeing hallucinations of her daughter's favorite singer, Elvis Presley.
Feature Drama, Musical Example of work only 52pp
Merchant of Death
A paunchy merchant is a castaway in a paradisiacal town, and its very existence depends upon the perpetual misery of an alluring deity.
Feature Fantasy For sale 49pp