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Quentil Pompey
Los Angeles, United States

A screen/tv writer. Content creator. Editor. Attentive and open. I love the embodiment of Film. I love movies, videos, and content relevant to the times. 

Scripts By Quentil

Art and love clash because a struggling writer takes a leap into his desired world but a long friendship turned into a toxic love affair, ultimately becomes the deciding factor whether success or failure.
Feature Adventure, Drama, Romance For sale 111pp
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When a faith driven song writer life crumbles, he joins a robbery spree and gains rewards, but when he sacrifices the meaning of trust, a portal of apparitions open and fogs his judgements
Feature Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 88pp
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Life Beat Mom
A practicing nurse sends to jail and ends an abusive relationship with child’s father - falls in love with a charismatic gentleman ten years younger – but when child-father’s released - struggles to let go.
Feature Drama, Film-Noir, Romance For sale 95pp
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An Ex-SuperStars little Diamond
An ex-farm team Superstar with his son, builds a championship team from an inner-city Sandlot, but religion versus real-life become active, and him staying the course, conflicts with a friends unwholesome discourse.
Feature Drama, Family, Sport For sale 107pp
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A rebellious foster child, aspiring to be an actress, receives an offer from a production studio in Los Angeles, but when she relocates, sins of her biological parents past, halts her dreams to stardom.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama For sale 107pp
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Two poets unite and study the other language and culture but are challenged by a murder that unknowingly connects them, and exposes a sudden pregnancy.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 99pp
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