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Rachel Brewer
London, United Kingdom

Insurance Underwriter by day, screenwriter by night! (Or whenever I can find the time) I'm based in the South East of England, play football for a womens team, and have a passion for all things horror.

I had been writing as a hobby for many years and finally decided to do something about it in 2012. I went to London's Central Film School and earned my diploma in screenwriting.

I recently had my first short script - Lily's New Friend - optioned and I've seen a version of the film which is really exciting! This has also provided me with my first professional IMDb credit. 

I also have two feature screenplays - He's Waiting and mind Games - available on Amazon in paperback and in the kindle store.

Short script Smile Has been selected as an Official Winner by Superficial Studios. I'm waiting to speak to producers from their studio, Lost In The Woods Productions, about the production of the script! 

Feature Script Nineteen has won Best International Screenplay for the Geoorgia Shorts Film Festival Fall 2019 Season. (https://info.filmfestivalcircuit.com/blog/georgia-shorts-film-festival-f...

Nineteen has finished production and the first cut of the trailer is due to be released shortly. 

I am a very proud recipient of the Creepy Tree Exemplar Award for 'Mind Games' Best Horror Screenplay - Feature Creepy Characters and Dialogue. (2019 Summer Festival Season) The Creepy Tree Film Festival was a wonderful experience. (https://www.creepytreefilmfestival.com)

I received my second Creepy Tree Exemplar Award for 'There's Someone in the Woods' Best Horror Screenplay - Creepy Writing Style (2019 Fall Festival Season) (https://www.creepytreefilmfestival.com/ctp-screenwriters)

Smile has won Best Horror/Thriller Screenplay for the month of July 2019 with Hollywood Just4Shorts and is now being sent out to their industry contacts for consideration. (http://just4shorts.com/competition/winners/?r=2019&m=07&t=s)

Mind Games has picked up it's first win - Best Original Screenplay July 2019 - Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (https://hollywoodbloodhorrorfestival.blogspot.com/2019/08/hbhf-winners-of-july-2019.html)

There's Someone in the Woods has won - Best Original Screenplay August 2019 - Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (https://hollywoodbloodhorrorfestival.blogspot.com/2019/09/hbhf-winners-of-august-2019.html)

Decimate, a 3 page short script, has been selected as a winner at The Berlin Flash Film Festival - Winner, Super Short Script June 2019. (https://www.berlinflashfilmfestival.com/winners/2019/june)

Fracture, a  short script, has been selected as a winner at The Berlin Flash Film Festival - Winner, Super Short Script September 2019. 

He's Waiting has received an Honourable Mention award at the July 2019 Florence Film Festival. (https://florencefilmawards.com/july-2019)

Mind Games was also selected as a finalist for 13Horror.com Film & Screenplay Contest 2018 which was very exciting. Their feedback was really helpful. 

'For what seemed in danger of being just another bunch-of- friends-away-getting-picked-off-one-by-one screenplay, there were actually lots of nice elements and twists which separate it from the herd. At times, particularly towards the last third, the actions/descriptions seemed to cross over from screenwriting to a more novel-writing style, but it is well paced up to a delightfully gory ending. It has a Wicker Man meets Eden Lake feel to it, which can only be a good thing for a horror screenplay.' - Judge AH 13Horror.com

He's Waiting was selected as a finalist for 13Horror.com Film & Screenplay Contest 2019. 

As with your other work that we’ve seen previously, you have a skill of taking an established horror trope and adding some very entertaining and original spins to them. Judge – AH 13Horror.com