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Rachel Fischer
Seattle, United States

So little time, so many places to see, so many stories to tell! Writing has been a passion of mine since high school, but it took a long, winding journey for me to work up the courage to decide to go for a career as a screenwriter. I’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan, gone to University in Scotland, wandered through different states and different countries and come home with .75cents in my bank account (thank you Dad for the save on that one!). I have a family that indulges me as much as they keep me grounded, thought the food in the desert villages in the Middle East was amazing, Loch Ness was as haunting as Mammoth Lakes and Kyoto on a misty morning and every time I go somewhere new I come up with new stories to tell. I want to tell stories about people who exceeded limitations they thought they had, that achieved something they didn’t think was possible but found the strength to do anyway. My favorite genres are history/war and science fiction, I think I’m better at action, but like to make people laugh, though it’s not always on purpose. My scripts have placed as Quarter and Semi-Finalists in contests and I’ve started to receive Writer and Project Recommend ratings from professional screenwriters. I can’t wait to learn everything I can about the business and the art and to work together with others who want the same to tell stories that will move, inspire, teach, and ENTERTAIN their audience!


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