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Rachel Paul

Writer and Executive Producer with EddieMayMysteries and RPProductions (Adapting Screenplay scripts to dramatized audio for broadcast)

Rachel comes from a long line of entertainers going back to the days of Vaudeville and her grandfather Tot O'Regan.

She is a comedy writer by profession, and the executive producer of Eddie May Mysteries, where her plays have performed in over 30 countries.

She wrote Wearing of the Green, a screenplay, in fulfillment of a promise made to her mother (of blessed memory) to turn her final work "In the Midst of Darkness" into a screenplay.

The novel “In the midst of darkness” was released for publication 2 weeks after Colleen's death.

This screenplay, Wearing of the Green is the result of that promise made to her mother.

LOGLINE: When her family is unjustly massacred by the British in the days leading up to the Irish Uprising of 1798, Catholic teen Reanna O’Neil’s life of servitude and compliance ends. Hell-bent on revenge, she joins Wolfe-Tone’s SUI rebels and fights to rid her country from inhumane foreign rule.


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Scripts By Rachel

The Girl From County Mayo
A young Irish Catholic Girl in British-ruled Ireland must comply with injustice or fight back against the wrongs done.
Short Drama For sale 15pp
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Wearing of the Green - The Girl From County Mayo
When the British slaughter her innocent family, mild-mannered Irish servant Reanna O’Neil becomes hell-bent on revenge, emerging as an integral part of the Irish Uprising of 1798
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, History For sale 106pp
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