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Rafael Machado Rangel

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Rafael Machado Rangel
Olinda, Brazil

A Guy from Brazil and a fulltime dreamer, I started working professionally in film production in 2014 after accept that this is my life mission, TO TELL STORIES, but i always saw the world as a big and giant theater since kid and always imagined and created stories about all kind of things, didn´t developed much when young but just after start my second graduation course i realised the need of improve my storyteller abilities. I Started in film production as the "sound guy" because I saw that people here always want to be above the line but don´t want to start below the line, so there is a need for better sound workers here and as the "sound guy" I could be requested a lot and could saw the industry from inside and really close to the line. but after 4 year working in this area I decided to turn the key and explore CREATION, so I took an old screenplay, writen in classroom, and start to produce it as writer, producer and director, it is current in pre-production(March2018), to confirm once again my mission, TO TELL STORIES. Screenwriting is what I see as the beggining of a story and now this is the area I am focusing my efforts to improve, the first step of CREATION as some people can say. As a non native english speaker I know that I need to increase my english writing abilities and once I plan to immigrate to USA, where people valorise and understand every single job including the cinema industry (btw I see USA as house of cinema), my goal here is to improve this and create connection where really matters to accomplish my mission, TO TELL STORIES. When I first visit USA, went to visit my older sister who married an american citizen and now she is an american citizen, I LOVED everything and I LOVE the place she lives, MINNESOTA but after some research I realized that MN need more film production and I want to be there there to do this.

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