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Ralph Douglas Shorter ~ Screenwriter Resumé

About the Screenwriter:

I was recently picked up to write for "Binge Bros. Productions" after they perused a writing sample I submitted. So far, I've handed in one action/comedy script.

I'm fairly well-rounded, educated (public, high school and college), and was advised many times to be a writer, so, of course, I became a designer for nuclear plants, turning mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic schematics into working drawings for trades people (you can't tell the young anything).

After working as such for five years, I realized I was at the top of my pay scale in the industry so I moved on to construction of the nuclear plants, Pickering Nuclear Power Plant, Bruce A & B Generating Stations, as well as shutdown work at Douglas Point Nuclear Power Plant.

Later, I moved around the country from Toronto to Clarenville, Newfoundland, St. John, New Brunswick, Calgary, Alberta before settling in Gold River, British Columbia, and eventually worked in Prince Rupert.

Later still, I became a maintenance steamfitter in a sugar refinery in Vancouver.

All of these experiences, plus everyone met along the way, were put to good use in my scribblings (all experiences are grist for the mill to a writer)....

I have fourteen completed, high concept, feature-length screenplays, most of which have legs, and several more features I'm working on.

Hobbies and Interests:

Canadian, American and global politics, writing and filming short screenplays, trivia, gymnastics as a gymnast and coach, stuntman coach, table tennis, soccer, Shorin Ryu karate, global warming, nuclear arms and power plants, boxing, MMA, the study of terrorist activities and its causes and consequences, conspiracy theories and acquiring general knowledge.

Successes: Four of my feature length screenplays have been recommended for production by four different acquisitions officers, but no options as of this date. 

Three of my short screenplays have been made into short films.

One paid article for Fine Woodworking.

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