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Raymond (Ray) Scanlon
Huntsville, United States

You can check my stuff out on Imdb. I write in most genres and in any format. I am able to write a feature first draft in a week given the proper motivation. I write upon request, for others idea's as well as consistent with my own personal writing.

Action, Adventure, Comedy and Horror are my strong points, but most who have read my work say anything is my strong point. I even write faith based, childrens shows (PBS), romantic comedies, teen shows, family and more. I have over 20 that are completed. Features, shorts and pilots. I have many more that are halfway done and will be complete upon request for that type of film.

I am easy to work with and understand that what I write is for sale. It's business and I don't have a emotional attachment to most of my work. I say "most" because I do have a couple I reserve for myself. I'm an open book. Contact me or add me if you'd like. I own my own production company out of Alabama called Overdraft Pictures. I’m also a Stand-up Comedian. I have won a few awards for screenwriting, directing and acting. I plan on directing my own feature's in the near future, but continue to write and provide my services in anyway possible.

Let's network or make something happen. Follow for follow.




Michael Bierman


Acting - Jason Hough

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Scripts By Raymond (Ray)

The Bridge Builder
Howard is haunted by childhood memories of a visitor from somewhere else. He moves back into his childhood home to try and solve the mystery, but he uncovers more than he expected.
Feature Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi For sale 94pp
5 readers love this script
A Warrior Within
A teenage girl, about to turn 18, finds out she has a fighting spirit hidden within. She must decide to move on with her own life or save the Native American people.
TV Pilot Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 32pp
3 readers love this script
Lotto Repo
Two stoners win the lottery, but the car is repossessed before they can claim their prize. Can they outsmart the lot owner and his wife to get their ticket back?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 23pp
2 readers love this script
Rage in the Cage
After an apocalyptic outbreak, a desperate fighter must battle zombies and himself in a deadly underground cage match where more than just the odds are against him.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
2 readers love this script
A failed magician takes his show global by killing his "volunteers" via live stream internet. A detective, who has history with the magician, tries desperately to find his family before they become the next victims.
Feature Horror For sale 81pp
2 readers love this script
Game Changer
Trey and his buddies like to play the knockout game. What happens when they hit the wrong guy on the wrong day? Jeff happens.
Short Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 20pp
1 reader loves this script
From Where I Stand
A hard nosed female social worker, with a law degree and ties to political leaders, is able to go above and beyond to catch the "untouchables".
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 52pp
1 reader loves this script