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Raymond Zachariasse
Woerden, Netherlands

Raymond Zachariasse was born in Woerden, a small town in the middle of The Netherlands. Early in his youth he started drawing, later followed by making up new stories. This eventually led towards a love for movie making, mainly because of the movies of his hero Steven Spielberg. As a creative, he nowadays enjoys combining his passions and creates books and writes screenplays. His latest adventure in the movie business is being a producer.


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MADi in love

Scripts By Raymond

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One particular day turns into a real rollercoaster ride for three people in an elevator when one of them desperately tries to hide a deadly hidden agenda.
Short Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 12pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
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Lisa's Monster Mystery Club
Two teens - one girl and one dhampir - form an unlikely bond to unravel the mysteries beholding an apartment building filled with unusual residents.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 37pp
Marriage pains
A husband, discovering he forgot his wedding day, tries to mend the mistake he made years ago.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp
MADi in love
A boy in a wheelchair wallowing in grief for the loss of his mother finds new a new friend through AI until his phone breaks down and he's forced to pick up real life again.
Short Animation, Comedy For sale 14pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 35%
An elderly woman’s dementia takes over more rapidly than expected as she tries to remember the past.
Short Drama In development 10pp
A young woman discovers that her trip into the night changes radically when she almost hits a drifter with her car.
Short Thriller For sale 12pp