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Reico Cartwright
Atlanta, United States

Disabled veteran, had to retire from working for others. Decided to dust off some old writing projects I had done in the past. I believe I am a good storyteller. I have been told that my humor is funny, but it is often dry. I wonder if that is because I am not an animated person. I am hoping my written work will answer that and other questions I have about my self.  I enjoy writing for myself because I can go at my own pace. Somedays my carpal tunnel acts up and not much typing gets done, those are my research days which I enjoy as much as writting. 



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Scripts By Reico

The Diva Code
When a tenacious 70s R&B Diva rise to the top; a duet partner, crooked record label, and rival set on stealing her man, all get in the way of love, marriage, and business.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Music For sale 113pp
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