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Richard Adrian
Vancouver, Canada

Growing up in a small Illinois town, I watched every movie I could get my hands on. After getting my degree in Theater from the University of Illinois, I moved to Los Angeles to work as an award-winning Sound Designer on movies such as The Matrix sequels and 8-Mile. I supervised the sound for several Joel Silver movies and Aeon Flux before moving to Vancouver, Canada where I currently work on AAA video games and pursue my passion for writing horror and comedy features.

Last year I won Best Adapted Screenplay at the Burbank Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and have previously placed in screenplay contests such as Austin Film Festival, Page Awards, Shore, and Screencraft. I've also optioned several scripts, including a horror/comedy about an alcoholic merman which won “Best Creature Feature," a psychological thriller screenplay featuring rock climbers currently being developed in Australia, a supernatural thriller being developed in New Jersey, and a story about a young boy and his murderous unicorn.

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Scripts By Richard

A troubled boy finds an ally against his tormentors in the form of a dark unicorn, but when its murderous attentions turn on the boy's family, he realizes the true cost of its loyalty.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 97pp
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