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I am a former deep-sea fisherman/writer. I have written Six Novels, Seventeen Screenplays, a Stage Play with song lyrics (based on my novel FOGGY JOE). Many of my screenplays have won awards. I also received a “Strong Consider” rating from the West Coast Creative Artists Agency (CAA), for my Epic, True Story Screenplay: Metacom, Seven Finalist Awards, and a Jury Award from the New York Westfield Screenplay Competition for War.  I was also a 2017 Quarter Finalist for DEEP WATER BLUES (based on novel) in the Academy Nicholl’s Fellowship Program. 

My screenplay, EARTH SHAKER based on my book became an 85 minute story board test film (with the help of storyboard artists, actors, a total of 22 people) in the Amazon Studios Film Competition. Subsequently, it became a July, 2011, Finalist of Four with over 700 submissions world-wide; just missing out in the million dollar first place prize.

In Amazon’s Kindle PR Program, there were over 10,000 downloads of the book with the novel receiving very good reader reviews: (36 4.9 Stars.) It is also on the Amazon dot com website and can be purchased as a paperback or Kindle Download.

Additionally, in a potential PR Program for two of my thriller/horror novels, I have written a Television Series Project which was adapted from these two novels, the ‘sequel’ and ‘prequel’: BROKEN BRANCH & THE KEEPERS OF WINDMILL HILL. The series offers a rich landscape, a substantial mythology, and an opportunity for world-building. The project also includes a comprehensive series bible, (character, creature, and episode outlines) plus the Pilot and Six completed episodes. I am presently working on the last four Episodes.

I have had a few options on some of my other works.  Complete inventory and awards on request.

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Scripts By Richard Guimond

Metacom aka King Philip: An Epic true story (1675-1676) of the First Native American Braveheart. There is love of family, camaraderie, intrigue, double crosses, even a love triangle for the benefit of the Tribe.
Feature Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama For sale 117pp
Earth Shaker
An unscrupulous curator and his beautiful, archaeology associate unearth the legendary Greek Minotaur, who lies in perpetual sleep. They smuggle the intact body from Crete to Washington, D.C., where all hell breaks out.
Feature Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller For sale 117pp