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Richard Silcox

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Richard Silcox
Seattle, United States

Currently working full-time as a probation officer in Washington State. I've been screenwriting off and on for about a dozen years with several features and shorts completed. Due to my location, I am always struggling to get constructive feedback. I enjoy reading screenplays and providing feedback myself as I think each read is an opportunity to learn.


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Scripts By Richard

Friendly Competition
A professional assassin talks his super-spy partner into taking cover jobs as used-car salesmen in order to impress a girl, just in time for a monthly sales contest.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 88pp
Three By Five
Julie Downes creates too much drama in her life. A trio consisting of her gay roommate, carousing sister and shy best-friend, come together anonymously to help her out.
Feature Comedy For sale 93pp
Transient Karma
A beggar who's more than he appears to be gets a lesson in kindness which forces him to reflect on his chosen career.
Short Drama For sale 17pp