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Rick Dobbertin
Syracuse, United States

I've always been a gearhead at heart – and for the past forty years I’ve spent a lot of time designing and fabricating one-of-a-kind-cars.


Writing a script and graphic novel is a first for me. But I've found the steps from conception to completion seem very familiar. Dreaming something up and facing the challenges of bringing a concept to fruition is very similar, whether it's a custom car or a sci-fi script.


I really enjoyed the Pro-Street (race-car) look of street driven cars, so that's what I tried my hand at. Both my 1965 Nova SS and 1985 Pontiac J-2000 attained considerable national attention and went on to be named as Hot Rod Magazine's Cars of the Year – the Nova in 1982 and the J-2000 in 1986.


A few years later, I began construction on a 32-foot long amphibious craft, which I had constructed from a 1959 stainless steel milk tank trailer. I called the craft The Dobbertin Surface Orbiter. In December of 1993, we set out with the goal of circumnavigating the Earth, over land and sea, in a single vehicle.


Although the trip fell short of its ultimate objective, due to the lack of funding – we did manage to successfully travel through 28 countries and 38 states before returning home.


I've always been fascinated by the wonders of the natural world and the astronomical facts surrounding our home planet still amaze me to this day.


Up until now, the apocalyptic 'celestial body collides with the Earth' sci-fi film genre has always been structured around threats originating from outer space in the form of asteroids, comets, meteoroids, or meteorites - on a collision course with our home planet, and the ensuing cataclysm that might result from such an impact.


In every example, there's one common thread. The Earth seems to be just sitting there, minding its own business, while these other entities attack.


Not even close


In reality, every second of every day, the Earth is traveling in an orbit around the Sun at nearly 67,000 miles per hour – and that's much faster than many meteoroids are traveling when they enter our upper atmosphere, and disintegrate as shooting stars, due to friction.


Now, take into account the Earth's incredible speed, then position a massive 'atmosphere', lying dormant in space, directly within our orbital path – and our home planet is instantly transformed from the target to the projectile – and you’ve got all the makings of a collision that could genuinely reduce our home planet to nothing more than a shooting star – within a matter of minutes.


Going one step further, imagine if that immense 'atmosphere' had been placed off-center of the Earth's orbital path, so our planet would significantly graze the side of the mass – increasing the speed of the Earth's rotation – simultaneously leveling every man-made structure on the planet, and covering every shoreline with massive tsunamis.


Now there's a new twist – literally.


FRICTION is also available on Amazon as a 180-page graphic novel.

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When an alien mining crew set their sights on Earth's natural resources, they deploy an immense, stationary atmosphere in the path of Earth's 67,000-mph orbit around the Sun to use our high velocity against us.
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