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Rick Helin
San Jose, United States

Rick grew up in Kailua, Hawaii. Upon his graduation from San Jose State University, Rick began his writing career while working as a Superior Court Probation Officer. In that capacity, Rick's responsibilities required him to interview defendants found guilty of felony charges, then prepare extensive judicial sentencing recommendations for a team of assigned judges. This honed his writing AND research skills immensely.

Next, Rick took these acquired skills and applied them to a booming mortgage banking market. By substituting rap sheets for credit reports, Rick quickly became the 'Dean of Mortgage Banking' in Northern California, successfully convincing mortgage underwriters to 'sentence' his clients to thirty years of financial restitution.

Rick constantly drives himself to improve his writing skills. He was one of the first to attend Robert McKee's three day seminar on 'Story' during the waning days of the Twentieth Century.  Rick recalls with great fondness the four day Screenwriting EXPO 5 he attended in Los Angeles back in 2006, scurrying between screenwriting classes taught by the likes of Ken Rotcop, Blake Snyder, Karl Iglesias, Michael Hauge, Syd Field, Dave Trottier, Pilar Alessandra, and Richard Walter.

Rick's avocation is the preservation and digitization of vintage films and he has volunteered his skills in this area to non-profit historical associations throughout Northern California. Toward that goal, Rick's preservation of more than six hours of footage taken by passengers aboard the SS Malolo while on the first leisure cruise of the Pacific in 1929 led him to produce a feature documentary about the voyage billed as "The Millionaires Cruise of 1929".

Rick's extensive knowledge of history propels his screenwriting talents toward biographical interests, as well as the exploration of forgotten moments in time. If it isn't quite evident to you yet, Rick is not new to screenwriting, and unlike so many others today, he is not interested in making this another new career. Instead, he has been encouraged to promote his existing spec scripts, all the while conjuring up all new stories to tell.


Austin Film Festival - Second-Rounder
(Why Goofy Hates Mickey)

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Scripts By Rick

Why Goofy Hates Mickey
When Universal Pictures fires Walt Disney in 1928, the struggling cartoonist gets drawn into a secret scheme guaranteed to bring future success, but only if he can keep the secret.
Feature Comedy For sale 109pp
3 readers love this script
The Bare Republic
The incredible true story surrounding the infamous San Francisco trial of 1885 between Sarah Althea Hill and her paramour Senator William Sharon. How could this be a divorce trial if the parties were never married?
Feature Biography, Drama, History, Romance For sale 110pp
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Hawaii Calls
In 1925, a US Navy seaplane becomes lost while attempting the first non-stop flight from California to Hawaii. When search parties declare them dead, the abandoned crew put together a unique plan to rescue themselves.
Feature Adventure For sale 115pp
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