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I've pretty much always known I wanted to be a screenwriter/filmmaker. But I've done way too much partying, BS, procrastinating, etc for like a good decade. I've finally found my writers voice and am building up a steady portfolio of Shorts, pilots, Screenplays. Looking to network, make friends, get feedback and any advice I can. Especially to younger writers starting out. Read and write scripts every day. Study, go to film school or take classes if you can. Everyone gets discouraged and procrastinates you just have to fight through it. 

I've written 20 features/pilots in past two years and in the process of many more. Entered my first major contest last year and made it to the QF's of Nicholls with my comedy script.

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Scripts By Rob Jones

Recently released from hospital after a half-hearted suicide attempt, and against the advice of his friends and therapist, a young man does everything in his power to pursue a likely-doomed relationship.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 63pp
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The Hopeiod Epidemic
A Mockumentary TV Pilot that follows a young Alternative Band and their manager as they are set to sign their first record deal.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 36pp
Good people
A Man returns home 10 years after being the center of a crime ring that he got away a changed person with but local Law enforcement isn't buying it.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 69pp
Draft Daze
After an amazing performance in the championship, the top NFL Draft prospect gets kidnapped by two degenerate ex-players who are hell-bent on keeping him from the draft to win a long-standing bet.
Feature Comedy, Sport For sale 107pp
3000 AD, A drug addicted hitman wakes up with no memory & a list of people he has taken on contracts to kill.
TV Pilot Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi Example of work only 53pp