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Robert Bowman
Victoria, Canada

In all my stories, the graphic sequences authentically relay the horrors of life, depicting brutality and savagery, always as each sequence has been written with artistic imagery in mind. Visual accounts are always my initial inspiration, even with fiction, because I approached the story as a photographer, not in the clinical style; my words and the scenes I write are my pictures. This is my intangible obsession, my passion.

I’m going to be honest. My words may divide you from me as your neighbour, and by no means will you want to seek me out.

If I was to undergo a delicate and complicated surgery on my head, if my cranium was sawn and cracked opened, with the fragility of precise blood stoppages, controlled by a hundred bulldog clamps, and the membrane was folded back over the brain, like a flower opening wide - then you’d see. You’d see the pictorial voice in my mind: it has a tangible silence; it tends to be an aura of past actions steeped in the history of a corrupt life. This is what I obsess over, why I write. I look at the darkness of others so close, I want to probe… In an obsessive bewilderment as if a hunger seeking nourishment, I want to probe. I stare and move closer into an abundance of specific details as they unfold, harvested from research; to an explosion of my camera’s magnesium flare, I write. I put the images on paper. This is all I know, but also why I want a mentor and room to develop my potential, something is in me.

As I was writing my script the "The My Lai Massacre” I was able to take on the persona of darkness from my young age. I tread in the past and present extinguished lives. Imagine how fucked up and creative I’ll be in a few years with the right mentor. I see things, I have a thousand of pairs of greedy eyes working for me, I just need the guidance. 

That's why I'm here, selling my script for guidance, like a street-walker selling their most common of cloth, their flesh. An opportunity for me to become an accomplished writer, and perhaps an opportunity for you to read and be part of a powerful tale that is rarely told in the medium. With my scripts, with these films I want peoples’ foreheads crinkled in a glare, one that has driven out all thought, as eyes wilt by their tears, and their heads hanging in a heavy gesture. Help me with this.

Best regards,

Robert John Bowman

Memento Mori.

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